Where will you be on the evening of Dec. 30th?

I hope you’ll join my dear friend, Arielle Ford, for her world-premiere Google Hangout as she reveals her future bestselling book, Turn Your Mate into Your Soulmate! (Registering will get you *free* chapters.)

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On Dec. 30th, Arielle will teach you…

– How to train your mate to satisfy your desires
– 5 surprising things to re-ignite love and passion
– The big secret about marriage that causes so much pain
– Fast, easy ways to dissolve frustration and disappointment
– Discover the shortest path to happiness with your partner
– And much, much, much more…

Get *free* chapters when you register!

Arielle will send you a couple of digital chapters from her book so you can start reading it before the event on Dec. 30th. During the live Google Hangout, she will explain why 2016 is the best year ever to turn your mate into a soulmate! (Or, if you are single, this valuable wisdom will get you prepared for your future love.)

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