I remember the time when I used to go out with one of my single girlfriends. She wouldn’t talk to anyone unless a guy approached her first.

If the guy didn’t look confident or say something smart and funny, she’d completely shut him down. When I asked her why she didn’t engage in a conversation with someone, she looked at me like I was missing something obvious asking, “What for?”

I used to think that she led some kind of “secret life” which I didn’t know about because in about 5 years of being her friend, I’d never seen her out with a guy.

Now, if you wonder why you would want to talk to strangers, that’s exactly why— so that you aren’t going to be single and alone for 5 years or more!

Imagine how many options you had if you talked to a guy who’s…

  • working out next to you at the gym
  • picking organic produce next to you at a farmer’s market
  • drinking margarita next to you at a happy hour
  • doing a head stand next to you at a yoga studio
  • standing in line behind you at a coffee shop
  • looking at bestsellers next to you at a bookstore
  • selecting a bottle of wine next to you in a liqueur store
  • stretching after a run next to you in a park…and so on.

Imagine the potential outcome by simply saying “It looks like…” or ask a question like “What do you think/recommend….?

You invest no more than a few seconds and words.

Yes, the return on your investment can be incredible. It could open an entire new universe of opportunities, connections and encounters that you would never have experienced if you hadn’t say anything.

But, if you think along the lines of…

“No one talks to strangers in…[insert the city]”
“What is he going to think about me?’”
“What if he doesn’t like me?”
“I don’t know what to say”

—guess what?

You shut down all of those possibilities that could lead to new friendships, romance, love and family.

You leave that bookstore/gym/farmer’s market/yoga studio/etc. in the same way you showed up—alone.

Do you see how your own beliefs (I call them disempowering and limiting beliefs that hold you back) get in your own way?

Here’s the deal…

If you continue to live your life in your own world limited to your circle of friends and coworkers, if you don’t talk to strangers, then you miss out on all of those amazing opportunities like having a great conversation, making a new friend or even being asked out on a date.

Why not start talking to strangers and being open to things that can come out of those spontaneous and short interactions?

I want to challenge you to talk to strangers—new people you’ve never met before— in every place you go to this week. If you talk to just one person in each place, you can meet more new people than you might have met in the last month.

Just imagine how liberating and empowering it will feel when you know you can talk to anyone you want and actually doing it.