In over six years of coaching, I talked one-on-one with hundreds of single women.

Each one came to me for advice and guidance on how to find love.

Each one told me that finding the right man and getting into a relationship was her top priority.

She had all the reasons to believe she wanted to find love.

Like Nora, 38, who hasn’t been in relationship longer than 3-6 months for the last 7 years. She feared she would miss out on the opportunity to get married and have her own kids.

Or like Marie, 55 who was longing for the emotional connection and intimacy for the last 10 years. She feared she would never find love and grow old alone.

And the list of women’s stories of dating challenges and fears goes on and on.

Do you want to know if you’ll find love or will continue to be single and struggling with dating?

Here’s what I discovered…

It’s tested and proven through hundreds of personal heart-to-heart conversations.

If there’s one thing that separates women who find love from those who don’t (assuming it’s what they want yet struggle with) it’s…

Decisive commitment.

Think about it…

Why so many amazing, smart, attractive, successful women struggle to find love?

All while seemingly average women get married and start their own families.

The reason is those women who get results are more decisive and committed to get what they wanted.

Can you relate to this situation?

Back in your 20s-early 30s, there was a decent guy who wanted to spend the rest of his life with you but you weren’t sure…

And now he’s married (to a decisive woman who said “yes” when the opportunity was in front of her) with kids while you’re single and still looking.

Guess what?

10, 20, 30 or even more years later the same blocks of being ambivalent, indecisive and non-committal get in your own way of finding true lasting love.

How do I know it?

Because when it comes to making an actual DECISION and taking ACTION that practically guarantees you to get the exact results you want, most women sabotage themselves.

Like Michelle, a 45-year old divorced mom of two teenagers who told me “I need to think about it and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.”

She never did. Interestingly, her challenge with men was that they don’t do what they said and they don’t follow through.

Look, how can you attract someone who does follow through when you don’t follow through yourself?

Or like Leslie, a 37-year old woman who signed up to work with me but then canceled even before we our first session because she found someone who would coach her for free*.

Guess, what her challenges in dating were?

Men who didn’t want to commit, didn’t want to put in any effort and who were “cheap” with her.

[*A note about free coaching….If you don’t believe you deserve to invest in yourself, then get a coach who doesn’t believe she deserves to be paid for her services and see how much value and results you’ll get out of that.]

Look, your relationships with men in dating are mirrors of your relationship with yourself.

If you don’t commit to yourself, how can you expect any man to commit to you?

If you continue to be indecisive, ambivalent and non-committal, I don’t see how you’ll ever the results you want.

No matter how many dating newsletters you subscribe to or expert interviews you listen to, we can talk a year a later and you’re likely to be in the same place.

Because if you could do it alone or with free advice, you’d be in an amazing loving relationship already.

Are you really committed to change and prove me wrong?

Make a clear decision and commit to it for real.

It can be committing to yourself by getting help from a coach who’s got a bigger vision for you than you currently have for yourself. Who’s a role model because they got exactly what they want and can guide you by hand step-by-step to achieve the results you want.

Once you make the decision and commit to yourself, honor it.

Make a decision to not let your mindset pull you back into the same old way of thinking based on self-doubt, lack of trust in yourself and others as well as limiting, negative beliefs.

Because the best, shortest and surest way to get into a committed relationship with a man is to be decisive and first commit to yourself.

And that’s why those women who clearly, firmly and quickly say “Yes” to themselves, who invest in themselves are the ones who become my next success stories.

Clients like Leslie from CA who cried on the phone when we talked for the first time in June because she was fed up with attracting the wrong guys and getting hurt. She said “Yes” to herself during that call and consistently showed up prepared for each session. The result? She’s been in a loving committed relationship for about two months now with a man who’s nothing like her exes. And our last session was full of laughter.

Decide and commit.

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