The other day I walked down the street and saw Him…

Yes, the love of my life and my dear husband.

He was carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers.

It looked so sweet that I had to snap a picture to be able to show it with you.

And I want to share something personal with you…

Next week we’ll celebrate our 6-year anniversary of being together.

As I reflect on the last 6 years, one of many things that has been consistent is him bringing me fresh flowers pretty much every week.

I am telling you this not to brag but to illustrate one simple point that helped me make the right decision in my love life.


You see, he brought me flowers on our third date. And flowers have been gracing my home since then.

A week later, he said he would call me on Monday evening to make plans and he did.

A few weeks into dating, he said he would get us tickets to the US Open and there we were-at Bethpage Black golf course witnessing Lucas Glover win.

A few months later, he said he would fly to Moscow, Russia, to meet my family and there he was at 8 a.m. exhausted but thrilled to step onto the cobble stones of Red Square.

And so on…You get my point.

His words matched his actions.

He was consistent.

He walked his talk.

But what was even more important and what REALLY helped me realize that he was the ONE (even though, he wasn’t my “type”) is what I cover in the upcoming FREE video training.

Watch for an email from me next week because I’ll share with you “The Key to Finding Love” in video #1.

Until then, I challenge you to pay close attention to “patterns” e.g. things a guy you date consistently does or doesn’t do.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about a man without actually talking to him about his values, core beliefs and the kind of relationship he wants to have.