Whether you are a single woman or, like me, a wife and mother, the key to a happy life is the same. In fact, it’s essential that you keep holding it in your hands as you move through life’s experiences.

Here it is,

It’s living with passion. It’s having fun. It’s doing what you love. It’s surrounding you with people who bring the best in you. The important part is that you continue living by these principles no matter what!

I remember when I was a single woman and dated. Guess what my calendar looked like! Filled with activities and events that I wanted to do and looked forward to like dancing classes, wine tastings and friends’ birthday parties. Now, seven years later, I look at my calendar for this week, and it’s still filled with things I love (some have changed because I gave up alcohol and late night parties).

For example, this week my plans include a comedy club with my girlfriends (one of my friends is a performer), lunch with a former client (she’s now married and has a baby), Marianne Williamson’s live lecture with my Husband, Perfume-making class, Nidra Yoga followed by the spa with my girlfriends.

If I was single, I could meet guys everywhere doing the same things I do now. In fact, I just met a guy on my way to the comedy club on Monday evening when stopped at the coffee shop to get some tea. He was standing in line behind me. It was a quick chat but the point I’m making is this:

  • When you do the things you truly enjoy, go out and have an open heart, you create a happy life and draw people to you.
  • When you have something that you are passionate about and look forward to every day, your energy will shift.

Men will want to be around you and get to know you. You’ll become a magnet, without trying hard or do things you don’t want to do. Focus on what you love. Make a list of 10-20 things and activities you have been wanted to do and excited about. Then, search them, make plans and book your calendar…..

Share your experiences after you get them done.Don’t forget to Send your pictures.
A person who shares the most will win a special prize:). I look forward to hearing about your passions and fun things that make you feel ALIVE!