In this episode I answer a question from Fiona who wrote: “I recently discovered that what is blocking me from finding the man of my dreams is that I don’t love myself and a lot of it comes from my childhood of always thinking I wasn’t pretty enough, that I needed to constant be on a diet, no one ever told me I was pretty, low self image. And just the opposite is true, for looking back at myself over the years yes I was pretty,

I looked good but never knew it. All this time I’ve been beating myself up, wondering what’s wrong with me. How can I get pass all this and start loving myself so I can love someone else for I don’t want to go thru the rest of my life alone and not getting the one thing I want the most in life to have a man in my life who loves me and I him. So what steps can I take to loving myself? I don’t want to waste anymore time not getting what I want. Help!”

YouTube link : How to take first steps to fall in love with yourself

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