Now that you have the morning routine (if you don’t, check out my article here), I want to make sure you get the sleeping routine you deserve. The kind of beauty sleep that enables you to jump out the bed excited about your day and your dates.

That’s why I put together for you some key takeaways from Shawn Stevenson’s book, “Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success.” It made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep and will do the same for you too.

The one mindset shift i love is to think about sleep is a sensuous dessert.

The biggest “a-ha” moment I had was about the time when you start getting ready for the perfect sleep. It starts with waking up early, around 6-7 am (you get the best sleep the next night if you get up by 7 am.) One more reason why the miracle morning is life-changing.

If you struggle to wake up with the sunrise, gradually change your wake up time by 15 minutes every two days. To get you jump out of the bed, put an alarm across the bedroom. Get excited about something like a hot date so you can look forward to it.

When you wake up, do your morning ritual first like drinking purified water, practicing mindful meditation, deep breathing or exercising and so on BEFORE you check your phone.

You also want to get natural sunlight exposure for 30 minutes with the best time between 6:30-8:30 am. You may want to go for a run or walk to get energized for the day.

Keep insulin down and avoid lots of carbs in the first part of the day. I love freshly squeezed juices or green smoothies for breakfast.

Stay away from non-organic, processed foods and preservatives. Instead, eat more superfoods and organic fresh, unprocessed, locally-grown foods like greens, fruit, vegetables, fish, seeds, and nuts.

Break up with caffeine or at least drink it before 2 pm. I quit drinking coffee several years ago and replaced it with fresh juices. Now I have more energy than I had in my 20s.

Don’t drink alcohol (I quit drinking alcohol in winter and have been sleeping like a baby since then) or at least drink three hours before bed. And, have a glass of water for each drink.

Just you get ready for a date with a guy, you want to get ready for your “sleep date.”

Create an evening ritual that you’ll do outside of the bedroom.

Turn off all the “screens” (e.g. Your TV, computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone) at least 90 minutes before bed (and keep them outside of your bedroom!)

Instead of watching TV or going on Facebook, make some herbal tea, read or listen to a book (novels are better than non-fiction, biographies are ok), talk to a loved one, take a candlelit bubble bath, meditate, journal, express gratitude and so on. Make sure you do everything outside of the bedroom (because it’s for sex and sleep only.)

Wear flowing, loose-fitting clothes for sleep and don’t wear a bra (it’s linked to causing breast cancer.)

Sleep on a high-quality mattress (nontoxic, non off gassing) and replace it every 7 years.

Black out your room so that you sleep in total darkness to get the maximum amount of rest.

The quality of air matters. Spray magnesium, use an air ionizer or put an air filtering plants like a snake plant in your bedroom. And keep the room’s temperature cool at 68 degrees or lower.

When it comes to your sleep, try to go to bed within 30 minutes of the same time every night. Between 9-11 pm is recommended.

One cool thing I didn’t know about is that you get the most out of your sleep between 10 pm and 2 am. It’s like you get 2 for 1 deal because if you only sleep six hours from 10 pm to 4 am, you’ll feel more rested than if you slept for 8 hours from 12 pm to 8 am l.

Follow sleep cycles-each is 90 minutes (best and easiest to wake up is at 7.5 or 9 hours of sleep when the last cycle ends). If go to bed at 10 pm, it’s easier to get up at 5:30 am instead of 6 am. I use the Sleep Cycle app as a guide.

Once you create your evening ritual and set up your perfect sleeping environment, your life will change.

It’s an incredible feeling to wake up with the sun, excited about the new day and ready to go.

When you sleep better, you’ll feel rested, energized and alive.

And when you feel Alive, you show up as your best self and become a magnet for a quality man.

Please let me know what new sleeping habits you’re going to take it. Remember, it’s about taking action so whether you set your alarm 15 minutes earlier or buy a high-quality mattress, you’re moving toward smarter and sweeter sleep.