42…?! I can’t believe it!


Because I have more energy & feel more ALIVE than when I was in my 20s.

What’s the secret?


It’s a state of BEING that has nothing to do with actual biological age.


Lighthearted. Playful. Youthful. Happy. Inspired. Giving. Grateful.


Based on my signature High-Value Woman Identity™️, it’s one of the key principles:


Always put yourself first.


“Polina, what are you talking about?! It sounds so selfish!” you may be thinking right now.


No, it isn’t.


What if I told you that it’s coming from a place of service, giving & generosity?!


Because when you put yourself first, you give yourself what you need and want, fill yourself with high energy vibration, then stand out as a woman who’s in a positive, resourceful state.

This state where you can abundantly share your energy, create positive emotions, and share memorable moments that magnetically attract men to you no matter what age you are at.


Now, there are thousands of other single women, many much younger (biologically) than you are, who are also looking for love.


But, if most of them focus on lack (“there are no quality men out there” mindset), look for a man to fill THEIR needs and wants (those women who write those long “ideal man” lists that are actually nothing more than a list of demands and their own shortcomings – that’s a theme for another post), and show up on online dating sites and first dates with low energy vibration (“it’s a waste of my time” mindset) that gets them nowhere, then they aren’t your competition (even if they are much younger!)


You can find love at any age online when you position yourself as a High-Value Woman and do things differently.


That’s why, I am hosting a brand NEW LIVE masterclass, “Attract the One Online at Any Age”

Yes, I want to join!


In this LIVE masterclass, you’ll discover:


  • What makes an approach to online dating different based on your age.
  • How to position yourself as a youthful, attractive, and highly desirable woman at ANY age. 
  • ​​​​​​​The secret strategies on how to present yourself online – whether you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or older – so that your age gives you an “unfair advantage” over younger women.
  • How to date online differently based on a groundbreaking personality-based approach.


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Just like Mary, one of my students in her 80s, glowing & exuding with the energy of a happy woman in her 60s and, yes, actively dating online and having several men pursuing her. 


Or, like Wendy, another student in her 60s, who’s got a vibe & playfulness that 30-something women can envy, and despite the pandemic and very remote living, Wendy has been going on dates (6ft distance picnics in the park are her thing).


P.S. As a man grows older, the more success he creates in work and life, the more he can and wants to share with his woman. This is just one of the many reasons why age works in your favor. Click here to join my masterclass:


P.S.S. Ironically, it’s when you don’t have any attachment to a man (“I need him to be this and that, and do this and that…” etc.), then a man wants to give you everything.


Just like my husband does who took me on a surprise birthday getaway to the Greenbrier. The time, effort, and resources he put into this were truly impressive.