Do you ever wonder how men you meet online and in real life perceive you as a woman?

That’s where personal branding in dating comes in.

What’s personal branding? It’s how you define and present yourself to the outside world. It goes beyond your looks and what you wear. It’s all about how other people experience you, your opinions and the perceptions they form about you. Anyone can Google you, go to your social media pages and find out A LOT about you before ever meeting you in person.

Your personal brand is in the spotlight 24/7 on the Internet for anyone in the world to see. What does it say about you? Does it present you in the best light? If you’re a single woman who wants to find love and get into a relationship with a quality man, pay attention to your own brand.

This is crucial because personal branding can help you set yourself apart from everyone else so that you can attract and meet a quality man. At the same time, it can really hurt your dating life and turn off quality men.

I am going to list 5 common personal brands that women put in their online presence—both in social media and online dating websites—without even being consciously aware. There is no right or wrong about any of them. The point is to simply illustrate patterns and realize how they might impact your dating life. Once you’re aware, you can be very intentional about what brand you want to create and promote consistently.

1) “Party Girl”
She loves to party and have fun. She loves to dress up and go out. She posts many photos of herself with her girlfriends and men, drinking and dancing in bars and nightclubs. She stays up late and posts Facebook updates at 2 a.m. She draws excessive attention to herself because she’s likely to dress very sexily and even provocatively, wear short, tight dresses and high heels.

What to watch out for:
While you might be a woman who just likes to go out and have fun (I can relate), if your online presence is heavy on “party life,” you might be unintentionally sending the wrong message. You might be turning off the very quality men you want to attract. They won’t perceive you as “girlfriend or wife material” —just as a hook-up.

With this brand, you’re likely to attract players, and men looking just to have fun and casual relationships (read “sex”).

2) ”Businesswoman”
She’s self-made, ambitious and hard-working. She’s a smart, strong woman who is accomplished in her career or business. She’s active on LinkedIn and her Facebook updates might include attending a financial seminar, links to the latest articles in Harvard Business Review and Forbes, comments about the stock market, and sharing successes in her career. She doesn’t share many personal details and uploads few photos.

What to watch out for:
As a business owner, I can totally relate to being a woman who gets things done and makes things happen. When we tap into our masculine go-getter energy, we conquer mountains and feel on the top of the world. Yet, when it comes to love, it’s all about embracing our feminine energy and loving being a woman—happy, playful and youthful. Quality men are drawn to light-hearted and joyful women who can be spontaneous, receive easily and allow things to happen (instead of being bossy and in control).

With this brand, you’re likely to attract less successful and ambitious, Beta type males who won’t mind if you take charge, make major decisions and be the breadwinner. Alpha males likely won’t be drawn to you unless for business.

3) “High-Maintenance”
She’s typically gorgeous: tall and skinny, with model-like looks. She puts in a lot of effort to maintain her appearance and look her best. Her Facebook updates clearly demonstrate that she expects the finest things in life. She’s likely to post photos of herself on a luxury yacht owned by someone who might be her current boyfriend. Her photo albums include glamorous travel destinations , from top spa and ski resorts in the U.S. to European cities like Paris and Milan. She also posts a lot of selfies in spas and boutiques, wears designer clothes and has an impressive collection of designer shoes and purses. She might have an average job or no job at all. Yet, she expects the best of everything. And she won’t give the time of day to a good guy who isn’t wealthy and successful.

What to watch out for:
As a Russian woman, I pay close attention to self-care and appearance. Yet, if you primarily focus on glamour and luxury, you might intimidate and turn off decent men who might not yet be at the peak of their financial earning potential You also risk being perceived by men as a superficial woman who puts money above everything else and who requires a lot to be able to “afford” her.

With this brand, you’re likely to attract wealthy men who may be much older, separated or divorced, with grown-up kids. While these men can afford a shopping spree or luxury vacation to give you instant gratification, they are unlikely to commit to you, get married and have children with you..

4) “Home-Buddy”
She likes to hang out at home after work and on weekends and loves the comfort and familiarity of her home. Comfort is also reflected in the way she looks and dresses – she never experiments with new looks and splashy outfits. Cooking home-made meals, baking and trying new recipes are more of her passions. Her Facebook photos show her cooking, or maybe, petting her cat. She rarely misses her many favorite TV shows. She doesn’t post many updates but comments about someone else’s recent travel photos or news. She likes to get together with girlfriends at their homes.

What to watch out for:
As a wife and mother, I appreciate the beauty and comfort of our home life. I can coach clients on the phone in my PJs. However, if you’re a single woman and stay at home most of the time (aside from working), then you’re really limiting your options You might come across on your Facebook page and online dating profile as a boring person. With this brand, you’re likely to attract average guys who are comfortable and complacent with where they are in life. They spend their nights and weekends staying home, drinking beer and watching sports.

5) “Home Run”
She’s classy and well-grounded both in her appearance and approach to life. She’s well-educated, self-made and quite accomplished in her career or business, but doesn’t center her whole life around that. She knows how to be a feminine, confident woman, a supportive and nurturing partner when she’s with a man. She invests in herself and is constantly growing and evolving. She knows her value as a woman and what she can offer in a relationship with the right man. She takes good care of herself but isn’t a high-maintenance woman. She lives a rich, full life she loves, and it shows in her Facebook and online dating profile. She enjoys an active social life with a strong network of friends and acquaintances. She has passions and diverse interests that make her interesting and unique. Her Facebook updates and photos vary – a comment about an empowering book she recently read, a black-tie fundraising dinner she attended, a volunteer project for underprivileged children she organized, a hiking trip with her friends.

What to watch out for:
It’s key to be in integrity and not to fake or exaggerate your online presence. The kind of quality man you want to attract with this brand is super-smart; he will spot any discrepancy between the online you and the real you right away. So, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you mention a book you recently read, in your online profile, be prepared to express your opinion about it when you’re on a date. If you put golf as your hobby, make sure to take some golf lessons before he takes you out to his country club. If you said you ski, make sure you can gracefully navigate those slopes in Aspen when he invites you on a ski trip.

With this brand, you’re likely to be perceived as a high-value woman who can potentially become a life partner, wife, and best friend for the right man, and possibly a mother in the future. You’re likely to attract and meet many men, and that puts you in a good position to choose wisely.

Good on you!