If you rely on online dating or bar hopping—then you probably struggle with meeting great men. You probably get approached by the wrong guys (that you aren’t interested in).

And no, it’s not because “there are no great men out there ” or “all great men are already taken.”

The reality is that men are everywhere—they commute to work, attend events, eat out, workout and shop just like you.

In fact, there are about 50 million single men in the U.S. But numbers don’t mean anything if you do little or nothing to meet men.

Imagine how many opportunities you have missed so far. All while other women put themselves out there, meet great guys, go on dates and get asked to marry them.

Those are the women who update their Facebook profiles changing their relationship status, announcing an engagement and posting pictures of their dream wedding.

How long will you be looking at their profiles and wondering when it will happen to you?

It’s time to TAKE ACTION!

Here are some proven strategies to get you out there and meet men:

1. Places where the ratio of men to women is much higher (if you want to meet more men, you need to be where men dominate):

-> Seminars: investment, finance, business, real estate.
-> Tastings: scotch, whiskey, wine, cigars.
-> Shows: classic cars, boats.
-> Stores: high-end men’s department, electronic/computer, golf stores.

2. Places that are centered around a male-dominated activity (if you want to meet men organically, you need to do what they do) :

-> Classes: Martial arts, rock climbing, boxing.
-> Clubs: golf, sailing, scuba diving, poker.
-> Sports Events:  basketball, hockey, football, golf.

3. Places that are new to you (if want to meet new men, you need to go to new places):

-> Events: galas, charity functions, book signings, networking.
-> Groups: political, financial, philanthropic, entrepreneurial associations.
-> Places: fitness clubs, places of worship, steak houses.
-> Activities: foreign language classes, holistic retreats.

These are just a few to get your started.

I can name dozens of places where you can meet quality men, but I don’t want to overwhelm you now.

Pick 1-2 places and schedule on your calendar to go there this week.

Remember, it’s about taking baby steps.

Polina Solda
Dating Expert and Certified Coach
New York, NY

You’re About To Discover “Top Secrets
to Attracting and Meeting Quality Men”