My coaching clients are awesome.

Actually, I can say they’re superstars.

Like a 40-something client of mine from Singapore.

Her name is Anita.

Prior to our coaching session, Anita emailed me in her weekly update:

1. I completed a marathon on 6 Dec, in 5 hr 43 mins (below my target time of 7 hours.)”*

* FYI, the distance was 42 km or 26 miles.

When I read it, I got as excited for her as I always get when my clients announce they just got engaged.

Because when you achieve any BIG goal, it tells me you can do anything.

So when Anita told me she wants to focus on setting goals for 2016, I couldn’t think of a better metaphor than this…

Life is like a marathon.

And if you look at 365 days of your life from this perspective, you want to think how you can “win” in 2016.

How do you make sure that you both enjoy the journey and cross the finish line?

Well, to start, you want to be crystal clear about the direction and end result you want to achieve.

In your love life, it can be dating more and getting engaged by December 2016.

Next, you want to have a game plan to achieve your goal. You know you would need to train, build new muscles and condition yourself to reach the finish line.

When you translate it into dating, what do you need to do consistently and repeatedly to get into a relationship?

Your specific muscle building can be talking to new men everywhere you go.

Third, you want to develop a specific skill like running a long distance. Replace it with a specific skill like “online dating”, “flirting” or “clear communication” and get a set of skills that equips you to get to the end result.

Forth, you want to make sure that you have all the support, structure and accountability you need to achieve your goal.

If you train for a marathon, you probably belong to a group or have a running buddy to hold you accountable.

If you date to find a life partner, you’ll find him much faster if you have a successful coach by your side who makes sure you move toward your love life goal.

Lastly, you want to cross the finish line in your mind before it actually happens in real life. That’s why your mastering your mindset or your “inner game” is the key to your success.

Those who cross the finish line have a very different kind of dialogue in their head. It’s “You can do it” and “Keep going, you’re so close” is what gets them through the hard part when others quit. Not self-limiting thoughts like “What if I never get there?” or “I’m not good at it.”

Apply that negative self-talk into dating and you’ll see how what you say to yourself keeps you single while other women get to the other side of the dating market.

Now, the question to you is what are you doing to create systems and surround yourself with people to ensure you achieve your BIG goal?

If you want support in all five key areas that almost guarantee you to enjoy the journey and cross the finish line faster, I’m here for you.

Simply click reply and tell me what your finish line will look like by 2016. How will you ensure you cross it?