No matter where you are in your love life at the moment, there is the next level you can get to. The level of greater clarity, connection, happiness and fulfillment.

That’s why I continue to search for tools that I can apply in my own relationship. Oftentimes, they come from unexpected places, like business mentors who teach how to grow your business and build wealth.

Like Dean Graziozi, the author of “Millionaire Success Habits,” a book that I recently read (and took pages of notes).

If there’s one thing I took away from the book, it’s this “secret”:

Happiness is the prerequisite for everything else.

Many times when I talk with single women, they tell me that once they meet the right man, once they get into a committed relationship, then they’ll be happy.

What if we’ve had it backwards all this time?

What if most of us don’t really know how to be happy, so we believe we’ll figure it out once we get that man and relationship?

The easiest way to attract your man and create your dream love life is to first learn how to be happy on the inside.

If you find happiness within yourself, you’ll become an irresistible magnet to the right man.

To support you in this, I’m sharing the top 10 happiness habits from Graziozi’s book that he learned throughout the years of writing books and learning from world-changers.

If you don’t have the time to read the entire book, just read this:

1. “Define what happiness looks and feels like to you.” Ask yourself, “From the deepest part of me, what makes me happy?” Brainstorm a list and pick your top 3-5.

2. “Make the present your friend.” Notice when you think and say “when/then” and instead, choose the present (that’s all we ever have, anyway!).

3. “Stop over-thinking.” This advice can’t be more relevant when it comes to dating and all the fears and uncertainty that come with it.

4. “Focus on a positive outcome.” Your energy is going to any direction you aim it, so aim it wisely and focus on what you want–not on what you don’t want.

5. “Let go of specific outcomes.” Another highly relevant bit of advice in dating. Let the heavy weight of expectations come off your shoulders and instead, enjoy the journey.

6. “Don’t be afraid to fail.” Replace your fear with acceptance of changes in your dating and love life.Embrace failure as a necessary part of success in love and beyond.

7. “Let go of grudges.” Don’t take things personally. It’s easier said than done, but it’s priceless advice if you want to have a lasting relationship.

8. “Be grateful for what’s in front of you.” You’ve heard about the power of gratitude before, but it’s a whole new level of being when you’re consciously aware of gratitude daily.

9. “Don’t settle for “good enough.” Strive for greatness in your love life, because there’s always the next level and it’s your turn to grab it now.

10. “Be part of something bigger.” Seek and develop spiritual connection with any higher power.

As you apply each of these habits, you’ll amplify your happiness and, inevitably, create amazing opportunities in your love life.

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