Yay, it’s my 40th birthday today, and I’m actually excited about it!

For years, I’ve been thinking of hiding from my age.

When I was in my early 30s, single and dating in New York City, I put 29 as my age in an online dating profile.

When my husband brought out a surprise birthday cake with 2 candles with the numbers “3” “3” on top, I got upset.

When someone would ask me my age, I’d say “in my 30s” instead of an actual number, like 39.

Can you relate?

Now things have changed, because I finally embraced my age (among many other things).

Entering a new decade and stepping into my 40s feels amazing! Like it’s going to the best decade of my life yet!

Now being 40 feels like the new 20 (without having to lie about being younger).

Which brings me to the important point of this email.

Free yourself from the expectations of how and when things are supposed to happen.

You see, when when I entered my 30s, I actually felt old. I carried a belief about my age that got in the way. For example, I wouldn’t even give myself a chance to meet someone because I’d think, “He could be with any 20-something girl, so why would he want to be with me?” Or, I’d be embarrassed and then be called a “liar” when someone I met online found out my real age.

Do you perceive your age as an obstacle?

If you answered yes, I’m here to tell you the truth: your age is a gift.

Embrace it! Celebrate it! Honor it!

Don’t let your age get in your way, since it’s just a number.

And no matter what decade you are in, acknowledge and be proud of all those incredible things you have created and accomplished over the years.

Look back at the progress you’ve made in the past decade.

Personally, I feel complete, because in the last decade I’ve created the life that I dreamed about. Things like, being in the best shape ever, creating a circle of close friends, having a family, building a business and making a difference in people’s lives.

Do you feel complete?

If not, what’s missing?

Decide to make it your top priority in this current decade so that when you are about to enter a new one, you’ll bring your idea with you.

If you’re like me and about to enter a new decade, DECLARE what you want it to be about.

My new decade is about connection and growth.

What is yours about?

Please leave your comments and let me know.