For the last couple of weeks I went to yoga but couldn’t get in. The place was packed.

Tonight I went in much earlier hoping to secure a spot and guess what?…The studio was half-empty.

What happened?

Nothing happened. People who made new year’s resolutions are breaking them.

There’s some research that shows that most people break their resolutions after about 2-3 weeks.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want to make sure that the goal you set for your love life doesn’t turn into one of those broken and forgotten resolutions.

And here’s one cool way to set (and reach) your love life goal this year.

I learned it from one of my business mentors. Each year around this time in January, he writes a letter to himself. In that letter he describes what his life is like a year hence.

What’s awesome about this approach is that instead of pushing your goals (e.g. stating things like “I’m in a committed relationship”), you’re pulling your goals.

So when you make a decision about who to date and the kind of relationship to get into, you’ll be subconsciously pulled towards becoming the person and creating the love life you described in that letter.

I challenge you to write this year-ahead letter where you’ll look into your love life future.

No one can really “see” into the future but it doesn’t mean that you can’t try to paint the picture of it.

As someone said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” So start creating it by writing this letter to yourself.

Unlike forgotten resolutions, you’ll have a reference point to check in how much you have gone towards your love life goal.

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