How do I quickly identify a quality man who is ready for a long-term committed relationship?

My clients ask me this question a lot. So here are the 5 key ways to know if he’s the right man. And I think you are going to love the actual questions you can ask a man you are dating early on to find out the level of his readiness for a healthy, lasting and loving relationship.

1. His level of Maturity. He Is emotionally mature and emotionally available. He understands the importance of being a man, being independent and he values what he has. It’s easy to tell if a guy is mature by the way he lives his life. He must be mature enough to care for himself and take care of all of his needs on his own.

Questions to ask yourself: How does he respond to stress, challenges and problems? How does he treat other people?

2. His level of Stability. He is in a good place in life. He has self-confidence and happy with there he is in life now. He is not in transition e.g. not separated, going through a divorce, not being between jobs while trying to start his business, not being stuck in a job he can’t stand but can’t quit.

Questions to ask him: How do you feel about your career? How happy are you with your life now? How do you feel about sharing you life with someone special?

3. His level of Purpose. He has things that he is passionate about and really cares for that are based on his personal values. He is a giver in some way. Whether he helps him family or local charity or church, he contributes and helps others.

Questions to ask him: What are you passionate about and why? What make it an awesome day for you and why? If you never had to work for a living, what would you do and why?

4. His level of Integrity. He will stay true to his word and true to himself. If he tells you that he is going to do something, he will do it. He’s the kind of guy you can rely on, knowing that he will always be there for you. He’s honest and direct. He will tell you the truth about what he really thinks and not just what you want to hear. He won’t take your crap – he won’t tolerate it if you treat him poorly, try to control him or act as if he is beneath you.

Questions to ask him: What’s important to you in a relationship? What do your close friends really like about you?

Of course, the best way to check it is through his actions over a period of time.

5. His level of Availability. He will make time for you and developing a relationship with you and you will see it progressing over time in many ways like closer connection, greater intimacy, frequency, length and quality of time you spend together. If he is consumed with his career and has no space for love life, he isn’t ready for a relationship.

Questions to ask him: How important is getting into a relationship for you now? What kind of relationship are you looking for now? What’s your biggest priority in life now?

Once you have clarity about where a man is in each of these key levels,you can decide if you want to continue dating him faster and easier.