In this super quick video, I share with you “How to get engaged”

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Hey ,

My family and I arrived at Southern California last week and learned that a couple of my husband’s friends who live here just got engaged.

We celebrated their engagement over the weekend. It was so inspirational because they’re both over 60; he’s a widower and she’s divorced. And because it shows that becoming an ecstatic bride is possible at any age and despite past experience.

Want to know how to get engaged?

It can happen for you in the next six months to a year from now.


That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in the upcoming live masterclass webinar.

Whether you’re single or in a long-term relationship, if you want to be engaged sometime next year, it’s exactly for you.

I shot a super short video in which I’m talking more about it.

Watch it here.

Leave me a comment under the video or click reply and share your biggest challenges and questions related to getting engaged.

I’m excited to support you in your journey to getting engaged.