Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m celebrating it with my family at my in-laws’ horse farm in Pennsylvania. Sitting by the cozy fireplace, I was counting my blessings.

It was easy to think about what I’m grateful for because I’ve been practicing gratitude daily.
Just like my private clients, who start their day by writing down a few things that they’re grateful for and end their day by thinking about one special moment that day they’re most grateful for.

Have you been thinking about ways to add more positive, light and happy vibes into your life? Well, often expressing gratitude offers a proven shortcut to those vibes!

It may sound too easy, but if you practice gratitude consistently over a period of time(a recent study out of University College London shows it takes more than 60 days to create a new habit), you’ll notice the shift on many levels in your life.

By expressing gratitude, you’ll literally fall in love again—with yourself, with people around you and with your life.

When you take the time to find a reason to appreciate yourself (or someone else), you forget any complaints and criticisms. As you consistently share good feelings, it becomes natural to express positivity and gratitude. And you increase your capacity for love.

In a recent survey done by Janice Kaplan, author of “The Gratitude Diaries”, 77% of married men said they’d be very grateful if their wives showed more appreciation, love and affection. Turns out 97% of women would express appreciation to a server in a nice restaurant, but less than 50% would express gratitude to a partner for something he did that she expected him to do anyway. Whether you’re dating or in a relationship with a man, practicing daily gratitude will ensure that you don’t get into a trap of forgetting how special that person is and taking them for granted.

By the way, if you think that a man needs to appreciate you—but not the other way around—keep in mind that it works both ways. Once you start expressing gratitude, he’ll reciprocate. (If he doesn’t, it tells you that there’s a bigger issue in your relationship that has to be resolved.)

I’ve tested it with my husband and our relationship. I started noticing and thanking him for little things like calling me just to say hello and ask if we’re out of milk so that he could pick it up on his way home. And acknowledging him for big things, like staying with our son on the weekend so that I could attend the Womanly Arts experience (which I wrote about last week).

What happened is, my husband also started expressing more gratitude to me. Last Saturday we went to a party on cruise around Manhattan, and he told me several times how lucky he feels to have me as his wife. That made me feel wonderful!

Gratitude helps us fall in love with each other—over and over again—as we find more reasons to celebrate others.

You can start small. For example, text a guy who did something nice (sent you a message that made you laugh, called you to ask you out, took you on a fun date) and let him know how much you appreciated it.

Practice the skill of expressing gratitude every day, and notice the excellent shift in your dating experiences or your relationship. As you radiate more love and appreciation, you’ll begin to attract more loving and appreciative people into your life.

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And once again, Happy Thanksgiving!