A couple days ago I had a strategy session with Rosa, a bright 42 year old single woman in Manhattan.

Rosa is a strong, successful, powerful woman who, as an executive, leads a large team and makes tough decisions all day long.

But when she leaves her office, she has a really hard time turning off “the switch.”

During our session, Rosa had an “a-ha” moment when she realized that the qualities that got her ahead in her career, get in her way and sabotage her success in love.

Her first dates unintentionally turn into business meetings as she asks men questions in the same manner like she interviews prospective employees.

She’s being direct, strong and straight to the point because she doesn’t want to waste her time.

There’s nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that those dates don’t go anywhere.

Men she’d like to go out with again…disappear.

Men “below her level” want to see her but she isn’t interested.

That’s why Rosa came to me — to break this pattern once and for all.

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