“I don’t know where to meet men.”

I hear women saying that all the time. But, you can meet men ANYWHERE, because they are everywhere—they commute to work, eat out, work out and shop, just like you.

I tested my theory, just to make a point about how easy and simple it is to meet a guy.

I was standing in line to get lunch at an Indian restaurant. Instead of staring at my cell phone, I looked around (being present is the key). Right in front of me was my “test target.” This man was tall, good-looking and well-dressed. He was looking at the food display.

“I think you should get something spicy,” I suddenly said to him. [Notice how I made it about him, and invoked his curiosity.]

“Why?” he asked, turning and looking at me curiously. [He was open to talking. Most men are.]

“Well…It looks like spice is missing from your life,” I responded flirtatiously. [Being challenging and playful is how I would flirt, but you can flirt in the way that’s right for you.]

We both laughed. At this point, if I wanted to continue this conversation, it would be easy. The ice had been broken. The point of this story is that you can be anywhere and say anything in order to meet a man.

So, even if you stand in line for two minutes to grab lunch or a cup of coffee, you can easily meet a man right there:

  • Ask him what he recommends.
  • Compliment him on something he’s wearing. Ask him where you can get the type of tie he has on for your dad’s upcoming birthday.
  • Challenge yourself to make small talk every day this week with men you’ve never met.

Have fun with it!