A few years ago I was flitting from one relationship to another and I just couldn’t for the life of me hold a relationship down. I knew it wasn’t right moving from one relationship to another, but I honestly can say I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I’m a strong woman and really focused on success. I’m a competitive woman and highly driven – something I guess comes from working in a male dominated industry.

Most of my boyfriends gave me no reason why they ended the relationship but my last boyfriend did. He told me that I was too controlling. He explained that I was argumentative to which I replied, ‘no I’m not, it’s just sometimes you don’t understand.’ I stopped and I listened to myself – I had just argued back to his argument. Men saw me as feisty and the constant bickering was a drama that could do without in their lives. I realized I had to change and met up with Polina. Polina was able to instantly tell me where I was going wrong – I emasculated men – I made them feel insecure and threatened. I was being too controlling and trying to make all the decisions based on my wants and needs without taking into consideration theirs.

Polina mirrored my behavior and I was appalled at how I came across to men and other people. I was determined to change and after a few one-on-one sessions I began to make progress. I watched my behavior and paid careful attention and if I caught myself saying something the old me would have said I counteracted it. I learned about polarity and how to allow their masculine energy to shine without me being submissive.

I have come a long way since first meeting with Polina and I’ve started dating a guy I met through a mutual friend. We haven’t had any arguments and we are a good balance for each other and we’ve been together for 4 months. I even bumped into an ex on the street a while back and we greeted each other in an amicable way and he even told me I’d changed.While I recognized the need to change I could not have done it without Polina’s support. Thank you for changing my outlook and I’m eternally grateful because if it hadn’t been for your help and support I’d still be scaring men away.