I committed to the event and the work and,

Schedule wouldn’t allow ‘live’ attending I purchased VIP access. Wanted to share my results with you all:
1.’finally’ let go of the ‘one’ that broke my heart. Knew this was important so I could
be open to a new possibility.
I went online and committed to getting to a call then date. Met a man and went on 6 dates..the sessions helped me realize why he
Was wrong for me and so I used my learnings to graciously end it. I
Was the’ pretzel’ trying to stay in something not right forme-no morel And..1learned technique to be gracious and kind to end tt-
Today…I am dating potential Mr. Right l!! wow. I can not explain the ease that happens with the right someone. I told him yesterday how much I appreciate the way about him that allows me to be myself. Or may be because the sessions have been that reminder to be authentic that I needed! I’m myself.
Wish me luck! We have dates next 2 days..heeven told his dad about me!
The best part-if it doesn’t work-I have the tools and confidence to
Keep trying!