Do you have TOO MUCH stuff at your home?

I used to…One of my goals was to simplify and upgrade my closet. Because I’ve been thinking about trying to work with a personal stylist, I decided to give that as a gift to myself.

So, one morning a personal stylist showed up at my doorstep with the intention of creating a “style for my lifestyle.”

In the next several hours we were busy with my “closet rejuvenation,” which resulted in a pile of sophisticated but useless business suits going into storage. Clothes I haven’t worn in years were going into a donation bag, and we put a few great-looking outfits together from clothes I already had.

Once my closet was half-empty and freshly organized by style and occasion, I was excited thinking of beautiful new outfits I could purchase..

I felt lighter energy from the newly created closet space. It was so inspiring, I moved on to decluttering, simplifying and organizing every shelf and drawer in my home!

I actually removed hundreds of items —clothes and shoes I never wear, books and magazines I never read, trinkets I never looked at.

As I decluttered my home, I noticed a huge difference in the way it looked and felt—open, light, simple and peaceful.

Now just imagine how you can refresh and clear the physical space in your own home!

Maybe you want to donate, sell or throw out things your ex gave you. Even though the relationship is over, those items represent negative and painful experiences from the past.

Next, create space for your new partner in your home. Leave a drawer in your bedroom dresser empty Make room in your bathroom cabinet. Sleep on “your” side of the bed. Keep the space on the nightstand on “his” side clear.

It’s funny how my husband, who teases me every time I talk about Feng Shui—the Chinese art of creating a harmonious environment—actually emptied a dresser drawer in his bedroom for me when we had just started dating (no, I didn’t ask him to do it!). Shortly afterwards, I moved in with him, and we’ve been happily living together for 6+ years now.

I am sharing this experience with you because my intention for you is to get inspired to look around your own home and think about what it would be like for your partner to be there. What kind of environment do you want to create? Think of what he’ll see, feel, smell and hear. My challenge for you is to identify 100 items that you’ll physically remove from your home (e.g., put in storage, sell, give away or throw out) in the next 10 days. You might think that it is A LOT, but trust me, once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how fast you can find 100 items that you no longer use, or even like..

As you “detox” your physical space, you might get hooked (like I am now) and begin simplifying other areas of your life such as your social circle, your computer and your calendar.

As you work your way through this challenge, make a list of your WINS.

Did you say “No” to an item that was an energy drain so now you have more time for an item that inspires you?

If yes, congratulations! Take a deep breath and enjoy your newly created space.