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    You will finally be able to overcome the kind of challenges that have been getting in the way and get the kind of results in your love life that you really want and deserve.

    I’ve been coaching women 1-on-1 using the system I’ve developed that, if you do the work, enables you to get the results you want in love life and beyond.

    Now it’s available to many more women in a group coaching format.

    Lisa has been single for the last four years

    and has a really difficult time finding the right guy.

    Can you relate to Lisa’s story? You probably can if YOUR story is similar to Lisa’s…

    My friends describe me as someone who “any guy would be lucky to have”. They say I’m attractive, intelligent, caring and funny. They think I’ve got a great sense of style. Fashion is my passion and I love what I do for a living. I would say that I’ve achieved all the things that I wanted in terms of my education and career. The only thing that I still haven’t figured out is my love life.

    It’s just so difficult to meet the right guy in New York City. I don’t know where to find him. It seems like all the guys I meet want nothing more than a casual relationship. I often find myself in the same situations where a guy suddenly loses interest and stops calling and texting me. I just don’t get why it ends like this. In the last few years, I haven’t had a relationship that lasted longer than a few months. I wonder why. I began to doubt whether I’ll ever meet the guy who wants the same things as I do.

    Do all guys in the NYC want nothing more than hooking up? I really don’t want to be in the same situation two years from now. I don’t want to feel the pressure of the biological clock ticking but it seems like I’m getting more and more anxious about it. Something has to change. I just don’t want to miss a chance in becoming a mom and having my own family while I can.

    It really scares me that it may not happen the way I’ve always dreamed of.

    So, Why Haven’t You Found Love Yet?

    Let’s face it. There are seven billion people on the planet and about a half of them are men. There are about 319.9 million people in the United States. About a half of them are men. According to trends and census data, 51.5% of American men over the age of 15 are married.

    This means that over half of the male population in the U.S. proves the fact that men do want to be in a committed relationship.

    It also means that the other half of American men are potentially available for a committed relationship (and will get married eventually as the U.S. Census shows that 96% of U.S. residents who are now in their 70s were married at least once).

    Of course, there’s a percentage of men that don’t qualify (emotionally unavailable, players, losers, etc.) but they aren’t the focus here (besides, you’ll learn how to filter those guys really quickly).

    NYC dating

    So, if these great men are out there in the real world,

    why am I still not in a committed relationship?

    Here are 5 top secrets

    for why it’s been so challenging to get into a loving and committed relationship…

    The Secret #1:

    Love Doesn’t “Just Happen” or Come When You Least Expect It

    Sarah, 38, Vice President, had been through so many relationships in her 20’s, none of which lasted and she’d the habit of picking losers and emotionally unavailable men. She spent the first half of 30’s alone. She gave up on ALL New York men citing they were too much work and at the same time she had dismissed a lot of men who just didn’t fit her criteria. Before she believed that the right man would just come along, however, as the years passed and she wasn’t getting younger, she began to recognize her need for change, as most of her friends were in loving relationships.

    A friend of hers recommended Polina for coaching. Once they started working together, Polina quickly assessed that Sarah’s search for perfectionism in love was holding her back and helped her go through the process of letting go of certain beliefs that held her back. She became more open-minded to meeting men who weren’t clones of her imaginary Mr. Perfect.

    She eventually met a man who made her feel desired and secure and a partner who she could lean on.

    Sarah’s story shows that any woman can set the intention and act on it.

    Don’t sit around at home waiting for your Prince Charming to show up. Don’t leave your love life to chance or luck.

    If Sarah had remained stuck in her old ways of not giving men a chance because they didn’t fit the bill, she’d probably still be single.

    Think about the time you were looking for a job. Did you wander into a random office building hoping to bump into an HR manager of some company?

    No, probably not – because you know that a new job doesn’t “just happen” or comes when you least expect it.

    No, you took intentional steps and consistent action to get the result you want.

    The same goes for love. He’s not going to chase you down the street as you try hailing a cab nor is he going to sweep you off your feet as you are standing in line at Starbucks.

    This scenario is more like a scene from a romantic comedy.

    Sarah missed out on many great years that could have been shared with someone special because her own thinking was getting in her way.

    Great men had surrounded her for years, but her own mindset and personal blind spots were holding her back.

    Could it be that you’ve let so many good guys slide through your fingers just like Sarah?

    Could it be that you’ve passed up opportunities that could have led to your happiness and possible future partner?

    If so, it’s time to take action.
    It’s time to regain control over your life and happiness by being more intentional.

    Don’t leave it up to fate to make it happen—real life love stories don’t work in this way…

    Michelle NYC dating

    Michelle, 36, was going through the same scenario as Sarah. She met many guys at parties.

    She was beautiful, young and successful and had the world at her fingertips. She loved her lifestyle. Her boyfriends came and went and although she never admitted it at the time, she was left heartbroken and what she was actually doing was rebounding and filling the void inside with excessive parties, too much drinking and other self-destructive behaviors.

    Michelle met a mutual friend, Barbara, who told her about working with a professional coach. Michelle remembered how Barbara used to be shy and insecure years ago. Now, she was happily married, had a successful career and she was expecting a baby.

    Michelle, who was successful at everything except for love wanted to give it a try.

    She thought: “If it worked for her, surely it can work for me too.” When she started coaching, she was pleasantly surprised to find out that the program wasn’t for desperate women who can’t get a date because of their lack of confidence, social skills or personal flaws. Instead women who turned to coaching also turned out to be successful, smart and fun women who want more from life.

    Now, Michelle no longer goes out to bars to meet men. She no longer falls for the same kind of men as before. In the past she’d had the habit of dating emotionally unavailable guys. They were guys who weren’t ready to commit and were generally just looking for fun and nothing serious. She had always been there when they called but when she needed them they would suddenly disappeared and became unavailable. She’d jumped from relationship to relationship. All her exes had found her sexy and beautiful, but they were only after one thing – sex.

    None of them were emotionally or mentally ready for commitment. Following advice from Barbara and her NYC life coach, Michelle decided to get more active and join activities where she’d have a better chance of meeting quality men. She joined a gym, a wine tasting group and a hiking club. She met Frank on a hike.

    He wasn’t the type that she would have gone for in the past but that was her past. She didn’t feel that instant physical chemistry with Frank. But he was kind, polite, driven and shared the same values and views as Michelle. He wanted to be in a committed and loving relationship too.

    They went on a few casual dates and her attraction towards him has been gradually growing. Michelle realized that relying on pure chemistry could be tricky and deceiving. Even if she doesn’t feel it on the first date, it doesn’t mean she’ll never feel it. She’s been exclusively dating Frank for a few months and their relationship has been, in her own words, “amazing.” This realization was a WAKE UP call for Michelle.

    Diamond Circle NYC Dating

    Women in the DIAMOND CIRCLE are professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners. They get together in group coaching sessions, share their personal experiences in the private forum and get coaching on what matters to them the most. They work together to help one another regain confidence and trust in men again. The DIAMOND CIRCLE women become each other’s champions and even form close friendships.

    The Secret #2:

    You don’t need a guy who’s a ten to have a relationship that’s a ten

    Be honest now, have you written off a guy because of his job, his looks, his family background, his history, his religion or his height? There’s probably at least one time that you can recall a guy showing interest in you, but you automatically dismissed the idea because:

    • He doesn’t “wow” you with his dating skills
    • He doesn’t have a great job… by your standards, anyway
    • He’s got red hair… not your type.
    • Something else?

    If you can honestly say “NO” I’ve never turned down a guy for appearance or similar reasons then that’s great…

    I was looking for this great guy – tall, handsome, successful, smart, well educated, ambitious, confident, strong, driven, focused, charismatic, well mannered, spiritual, financially independent, generous, passionate, sexy, funny…

    But… every time I compared a new guy that I met to my Mr. Right list, something wasn’t right. And, it wasn’t just me. Many of the women I work with are facing the same kinds of challenges as well.

    Kate, 34, dated Alex, 43, a partner at the law firm who had never been married and worked 60-80 hours a week.

    He was a tall and in excellent shape, an Ivy League graduate, smart, successful and in top 5% financially.

    In Kate’s eyes he was a total ten. The only problem was that he had no time for a relationship (except for occasional fancy dinners and sleepovers) and made it clear that his work was the #1 priority in his life.

    Julia, 36, dated Robert, 45, a business owner who was divorced and two children from his first marriage. He was charismatic, passionate and a generous man.

    He showered her with gifts and took her on romantic vacations. Robert was a great catch but the only issue was that he didn’t want to commit to Julia. He told her he loved her like he never loved any woman before and she was his soul mate but he just wasn’t ready to take their relationship to the next level. And it didn’t matter that Julia openly expressed that she really wanted to have children and settle down.

    Here's the deal!

    You may invest months or even years into a relationship with a man who is “perfect on paper.” 

    A man who’s got all the qualities that you want to see in a man – the Mr. Right that you’ve been envisioning.

    But the problem is that no matter how perfect he is, in reality HE ISN’T THE ONE to have the kind of loving and committed relationship you’ve been dreaming about.

    It doesn’t matter that a man is a ten if he doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship with you when you want it. Because no matter how tall, handsome and funny that guy is, if he is not around when you need him, if he’s a player, if he doesn’t know what he wants – you’re going to feel anxious, lonely and insecure in the “relationship.”

    It doesn’t matter that a man is a ten if he doesn’t want to get married and have a family when you want marriage and kids. Because no matter how successful, smart and rich that man is, if he puts his business/career ahead of you, if he wants to sleep with you without taking on any commitment and responsibility – you’re going to end up feeling angry, resentful and unhappy in the “relationship.”

    What really matters here is choosing a man who wants to get in a relationship with YOU, commit to YOU and have a family with YOU.

    Do you see the pattern? He has to be all about YOU!


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