Is there any chance to get a guy back after you had sex on the first date?

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I am Polina Solda!

In this episode I answer a question Lori who wrote: “I met a guy online. We texted and called each other consistently for a month as we developed a relationship. He had only one previous relationship and had been single for 7 months. He repeatedly asked me to be his girl, asked me at length about my exclusive status with him and my sexual history, told me he wanted me to love him always, showed interest in every aspect of my life and my children. We called each other my love. We at last had our date, had the most wonderful time, wonderful chemistry. I had repeatedly told him I didn’t do sex on the first date because guys tend to lose interest. He reminded me that I was his girl, we were exclusive, so we had sex. He once more tried to confirm my sexual history, and He asked to meet as soon as possible -have a date in three days. The next day he texted, but not in his usual pattern – he was at a wedding. I asked if he was still interested, he said Yeah, sure, which I thought was a little iffy, and asked he he were hesitant. He said no, why would I ask? I explained. Other than that we repeatedly confirmed that we had a wonderful time and wanted to repeat it. The next day we were still saying that. The third day he read but did not answer my texts. If I send a text he will still read it but not answer.
Did I push him away with negativity? Is there any chance I can get him back? Was he just naturally pulling away and I reacted too strongly?”