Hey! I am Polina Solda.

My mission is to help you find, attract and get into a committed relationship with the right man.

If you live in a big city (with people around you all the time and everywhere), have a successful career/business, great friends and an active social life while every night going to bed feeling lonely and wondering if you’ll ever meet him, then you and I need to talk.

Once I was single and dating in New York City. Then I found and married the perfect man for me. And now, I help other women end their dating struggle and create a dream love life for them. If it worked for me and works for other women, it can work for you too. So, if you’re committed to find love and keep it, you’ve come to the right place.

My Personal Story

Like you, I’ve suffered my own share of heartache, disappointments and frustration that took me a lot of time, strength and courage to overcome. There have been many things that have shaped me and, probably like you, I’ve gone through my fair share of hellish experiences.

I had not even turned one year old when my parents split up. Since my father walked out, I never saw him again. I was raised by a single mother who spent decades being miserable and alone. The absence of any male figure in the first 20 years of my life and my overbearing hatred towards men from the life my mother had been attempting to pass on to me had made it almost impossible to get to where I am today. I’ve really come a long way…

After getting married in my early 20s and getting divorced in my early 30s, going back to the dating scene felt like being thrown off a boat in the middle of the ocean. I felt confused and frustrated with being single. Dating felt like a chore and a game that I didn’t know how to play.

Before I met the love of my life, got married again, and started a family over 6 years ago, l spent hundreds of hours meeting men in real life, online dating, and going out on dates.
Even though I wanted to meet a great man and fall in love, I kept doing the wrong things.

I was in that category of women who keep making the same mistakes, asking the wrong questions (Is it my age? Is it my city?), and NOT getting what they want. I felt confused, frustrated and insecure because dating wasn’t getting me anywhere.

By going on 100+ dates, I’ve encountered all kinds of wrong guys – emotionally unavailable guys, players, momma’s boys, Mr. Casuals, commitment-phonies and just plain jerks that were self centered. I’ve put up with more BS from those guys than I’d like to admit.

Although I thought that I was open and approachable, men rarely approached me. Those few who did were players and douche bags who could approach any woman—you know the type.

Even though I thought that I was putting myself out there—going to bars, clubs and singles events—I kept getting the same results: disappointment from meeting the wrong guys and headaches from driving too much.

I felt stuck. Then, on a Friday night near Christmas, I had a disastrous date that turned into a life changing experience (If you want to know what happened in full details, enter your email so you’ll get my free gift and receive an email in which I share my life-altering moment).

I had to face it: What I did wasn’t working. Who I was as a woman wasn’t attracting the kind of man I wanted to meet.
But…I didn’t know WHY.

The places I went to find love turned out to be a waste of time. The men I wanted to be with DIDN’T notice, approach, or date me. But…I didn’t know HOW to change that.

Questions like “Will I ever find love?” and “What if I don’t?” kept running through my mind.
I tortured myself with self-doubt and negative thinking based on disappointing experiences.

If you are struggling with the same challenges, I totally get it.

I realized I couldn’t and didn’t want to be stuck on my own anymore. After I finally said “YES” to myself and invested in working with a coach (the best decision I’ve ever made—besides marrying my husband), I was able to uncover and resolve my personal blind spots, shift my mindset, improve my dating skills, upgrade my lifestyle (I should say, create a fabulous lifestyle), and follow the proven strategy that got me to where I am today.

It was a matter of months before I met the perfect man for me who proposed after six months of dating. He’s a strong East Coast alpha male. He is a leader with integrity, strong values and opinions. Now he is an awesome husband and hands-on dad to our son, so I couldn’t wish for a happier and more loving family.

Along the way, I’ve discovered a secret formula that now helps women like you create the love life they want. I realize that you might be going through a merry-go-around in dating.

What if I showed you a sure way to get off that old, painful ride?

I want to let you in on everything I know. What I coach, teach and share with women is exactly what helped me create a loving committed relationship that I get to enjoy every day of my life.

With the right support, guidance and step-by-step process you can save yourselves a lot of unnecessary pain, frustration, and heartache. There will be fewer tears shed, fewer lonely nights and fewer days (or even years) wasted – the benefits of getting help far outweigh everything else.

I “walk my talk” because I was just like you—single, dating and looking for love—and go to where I wanted to be in my love life.

I believe in you. I believe in love. That’s why I do what I do—to help you find love & keep it. It’s my commitment. But it isn’t just in my words. It’s in what I DO with what I have—energy, time and money.

If you look at the last 5+ years of my life, you’ll see that I:

  • Invested thousands of dollars into becoming a better version of myself in all the roles I play as a woman, wife, mom, friend, professional and dating expert. If you don’t invest in yourself, why would a quality man invest in a relationship with you?
  • Put in thousands of hours studying and building my expertise and skills (through the International Coach Federation, Coach U, Future Force and others in addition to earning two Master Degrees).
  • Coached hundreds of women around the world to help them find love (my success stories include committed partnerships, engagements and marriages).

I’ve been doing this for a long time and won’t stop. It’s a lifelong commitment.

And the reason is for YOU.

No matter what you’ve experienced in dating so far, you can find love. But you must commit and go through the process that will help you create different results in dating.

If you want your love life to change, you’ve got to get off the merry-go-around. It’s time to put yourself first for a change and invest in yourself. If you’re ready to take this step, let’s talk.

Professional Bio

Polina Solda’s dating expertise comes from a roller coaster of real-life experiences—dating, getting married, divorced and looking for love again in her 30s.

While she moved to New York City to earn her MPA and work at the United Nations, she also got a “Master’s degree in dating” by going on 100+ dates, defying a hookup culture of the big city and unlocking controversial secrets of finding and keeping love.

Her first coaching client and success story was herself, after she challenged a NYC “player” to the game of “winning her love.” He proposed after six months of dating and became a devoted family man. Being in a loving relationship for 6+ years as a happy wife and mother, passionate entrepreneur and seasoned certified coach, Polina helps smart professional women in big cities find love and keep it.

Following Polina’s real-life tested and proven formula, her clients also find the right man and get into committed relationships in a matter of months.

Value facts about me

How do you know if a guy is right for you? Every time a woman asks me this question, I go straight into values. Why? Because WHAT we value determines WHO we are and WHY we do what we do.

If you wonder if I am the right person for you as a dating expert, coach and mentor, read on because I share some things even my own husband didn’t know (until now). It also helps you understand what made me the person I am today.

Independence – Born and raised by a single mother in Moscow, Russia. As a Soviet Union child, I survived communal living and 3-hour long grocery lines (you’ll never see me in a 3-minute Starbucks line). I earned my own money from age 12 while working at my mother’s retail startup business. At 16, I earned more money than my friends’ parents and it provided for all my needs. I was the first in my family to get a Master’s degree from Moscow University. I left a career in international development to start my own coaching business in January 2011 and never looked back. My big dream is to buy my husband a new, bigger boat—he already told me it’s a Formula SuperSport.

Contribution – My first “real” job in America was to help provide access to lifesaving drugs to the poorest communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Besides my office desk in Washington, D.C., I could be found in places like Mali, Malawi, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, and Liberia. Now I give my time and expertise to smart professional women who struggle with love in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong. And I give my money to disadvantaged women who want to start businesses in countries like DR Congo and Afghanistan.

Challenge is for Growth. At 17, a chubby, lonely, depressed, self-loafing teen (in an oversized t-shirt “I hate myself and I want to die”), beer drinker, smoker and junk food addict, I hit my low point and contemplated suicide. My world was shattered when days later a 17-year-old girl from my school actually killed herself. I realized that I could take my life in ANY direction. By 18, I was 20+ pounds lighter (tall and skinny enough to model), quit drinking and smoking (never touched a cigarette again), became a vegetarian (never ate meat again) and read existentialism. Unfortunately, personal growth arrived to Russia much later than McDonald’s.

I arrived in the United States with a few hundred bucks in my pocket and even fewer English words in my vocabulary, but had big dreams in my heart.

I got fired from a receptionist job at a small real-estate company for my “lack of proficiency in English.” A month later, I got hired by a global consulting firm and built a 7+ year career in international development, which included consulting at the United Nations.

I was rejected by several graduate programs in D.C., but then started to dream big (hello New York) and got accepted by Columbia and NYU (with a Dean’s scholarship).

I had moved to New York City in my 30s after the divorce. Being outside of the “singles scene” for almost a decade, I made NYC my dating playground and went on 100+ dates in less than a year until I met my husband. He proposed on our sixth month dating anniversary—a former “player” turned into a devoted family man.

“Just Do It” Attitude – I pushed myself to climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro solo (not counting a guide and porter I hired) on my first trip to Africa. I faced my fear of heights by skydiving, paragliding and flying trapeze. I lost any leftover fear on crazy roller coasters at Six Flags.

Challenged myself to 30 days of daily yoga on the eighth month of pregnancy and had my baby boy born drug-free within 30 minutes of my arrival to the hospital*—my son had enough downward dogs to want to get out of there fast. But I don’t recommend this method, ladies. This isn’t medical advice.

Love and Passion – Intermixed. I love to spend time with my boys while experiencing the beauty of nature. I love boating and paddle boarding during the summer and snowboarding in the winter. I love vacation trips to Europe (culture, wine and food) and to the Caribbean (ocean and mojitos). Rituals are key–we still celebrate our first date every month.

Me Time – Love to invest into people who make my life better in every way–from a business coach and personal trainer to a virtual assistant and image consultant. My kindle goes everywhere I go (thanks to speed reading course and kindle unlimited, I average 2-3 books a week). Yoga mat is a hidden secret behind my happy marriage. So I make sure to get on it often.

Work – Time doesn’t exist when I’m coaching clients or creating new things on my laptop for “my tribe” (if you’re still reading it then it’s you) next to a hot cup of chai tea—I have to set the timer (seriously).

Fun – Love fashion, big city, bright lights…Dressing up and going out with my husband on a date (he LOVES those) or with my fabulous girlfriends (they are exceptional women, all around) for a girls’ night out gets my energy level up like Red Bull. Manhattan’s party life is top notch and I don’t miss out.

My winner’s motto: Anything that doesn’t break me makes me stronger!