Have you ever had a promising date with an interesting man?

He had a great smile, stunning personality and body to die for. You enjoyed his company so much you couldn’t wait for a second date. In fact you liked him so much you could almost picture a future with him. In YOUR mind the first date went fine. But a few days passed and you never heard from him again.

You talk it out with your girlfriends, trying to figure out what it was that you did wrong. Often, your girlfriends will argue that he’s the one with issues and not you. But you can never be sure if your girlfriends are lying to you or whether they are telling the truth.

If he didn’t call you after the first date, my latest published article may explain why.

If you went out with a guy and he didn’t call you soon after the date, it’s possibly because of one or more of the 7 reasons I mentioned. Now that you know why he didn’t call you, you can focus on making corrections so it doesn’t happen again.