Seven days, fourteen days, we don’t know when this self-isolation or social distancing will end. In this period, we need to be positive and find something that keeps us occupied.

Here are some ideas to focus on filling yourself with love and feminine energy while you’re staying safe & healthy at your home:

  1. Dance in front of a mirror 💃- Watch and learn new moves from YouTube or better yet, dance with music on and improvise, focus on your internal state. My go-to are Beyonce or Ellie Goulding.
  2. Give yourself a massage 💆‍♀- Take the time to slowly massage the oil all over your body, your face and hair. I love the smell and texture of coconut oil.
  3. Take a bath 🛁- with bubbles, essential oil and candles. I love to mix some epsom salt with lavender oil and matching lavender aromatherapy candles.
  4. Learn how to do beautiful makeup yourself – Search YouTube for some DIY tutorials.  
  5. Learn how to style your hair 👩🏻- Search YouTube for some DIY tutorials.  
  6. Try on the best clothes in your closet 👗  – Turn on the music, put on sexy high heels and do a fashion show at home. Take some selfies & post them on social media and your dating profile! 
  7. Create your own home-spa – Make your own facial mask and or body scrub from the ingredients you have at home like honey, sugar, sea salt, or coffee. Follow a mask with a gentle facial massage. 
  8. Do your own manicure & pedicure💅🏻 – Take the time to scrub and massage your hands and feel, use a different color of nail polish or even try a French one.
  9. Practice yoga 🤸🏻‍♀ – Watch and learn new asanas and flows on Youtube to make your body, mind and spirit stronger and more flexible.
  10. Meditate 🧘🏽‍♀- Turn off your mind and become silent, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. I’ve been practicing a daily 20-minute meditation for over 3 years and can’t imagine starting my day without it now.
  11. Write the morning pages ✍- I’ve learned this technique at Julia Cameron’s workshop. It helps clear your head, release emotions,  and get inspired. Simply write for 20 minutes without stopping. 
  12. Sing🎤- Turn on your favorite song and sing alone. Or, sing in the shower (take a long one)!
  13. Declutter your home?� – No matter how clean and organized you are, there are always some things you can throw out. Expired foods, useless trinkets, and old magazines. Clear the space, and notice how much lighter you feel.
  14. Organize your files🗃 – Have boxes of papers that you need to go through? Start with one at a time. You’ll feel so proud and accomplished when everything will be neatly filed in labeled folders!
  15. Declutter your digital space 📲- Start with your phone and delete all those contacts, text messages, photos and notes that you no longer want and need to have in your life. 
  16. Do a major cleaning of your home 🧼 – Take the time to clean and scrub all those hard to reach areas. You’ll be shocked at how much dust you’ll find and how much lighter you’re going to breathe afterward.
  17. Read books📚 – How many books do you have on your bookshelves that you’ve never read? Just get started. Read a chapter or two every day. 
  18. Watch inspiring movies 🎬- So many good choices to choose from! I love movies about the importance of discovering and following your personal path, like “Good Will Hunting” and “Billy Elliot.” 
  19. Try new recipes👩‍🍳 – When you don’t have many ingredients at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and try something new.
  20. Bake🎂 – Try on the role of a baking chef and bake a tray of cookies or bake a cake.
  21. Make a romantic dinner for yourself 🍽 – Serve the table as if you had guests, light the candles and make something delicious that takes time to cook. Enjoy the process and make sure you take as long to eat as you took to cook!
  22. Bless your meals 🙏- Before you start eating, take the time to appreciate the food in front of you by looking at it, smelling it and anticipating its taste. Bless it silently or out loud.
  23. Bless water 💦 – Every time you come in contact with water – by taking a shower, using a bathroom, washing your hands, or drinking it, simply say, “Thank you.” 
  24. Create a vision board 📋 – Imagine everything you want and don’t have right now. Express your dreams, wants and desires on a large board with images cut from magazines or print out from my all-time favorite-Pinterest. Leave some empty space for magic!
  25. Create a digital photo album 📷 – It could be just your favorite photos of you. That album can become your go-to for updating your online dating profile! 
  26. Practice art-therapy🎨 – Even if you don’t know how to paint, grab some white sheets and watercolors, markers or crayons and express how you’re feeling through images and colors. Coloring mandalas is my go-to.
  27. Craft with your hands 👐 – Learn how to knit, crochet or something else. I’ve crafted a general’s hat for my husband for Burning Man. He was very proud to wear it and kept saying,“My wife made it for me!” when others complimented him.
  28. Go offline for a day 📖- When was the last time you completely disconnected from your phone and computer? What if you had a day off like that every week?  Try it, and notice how you recharge your energy.
  29. Write in a journal 📘– Write down any thoughts, emotions, and feelings — openly and freely.
  30. Give yourself a hug 🤗 – When was the last time you hugged yourself? Never?! Try it now and wait for at least 20 seconds till those endorphins release.
  31. Go to bed early 🛏 – If you usually stay up late, notice how you feel when you sleep longer. 
  32. Smile 😀 – Crisis situations make us serious, anxious and worried. There’s no reason to smile, right? But what if the reason is right there when you look in a mirror? Smile at yourself and notice how you feel.
  33. Pray 👏- When you wake up, before your meals and/or when you go to bed. When you’re scared, angry or sad. Anytime you feel like it.
  34. Express gratitude 🙏 – Notice every little thing you can be grateful for in this moment. Say it out loud, or write it down. Feel the gratitude and notice how your mood shifts.
  35. Write a letter of appreciation💌 – Is there someone you’ve been wanting to express your deep feelings of appreciation and gratitude? Take the time to write a beautiful handwritten letter. Imagine how much appreciation a recipient will be creating through a ripple effect.
  36. Write a letter of forgiveness ✉ – Is there someone you haven’t completely forgiven? Put on paper everything you’re releasing, letting go of and forgiving them for. Then, burn it (in a safe place, of course!).
  37. Read a poem 📖- To yourself. Outloud. Inhale your sensuality, romanticism and feminine energy into every word you say. 
  38. Give yourself an orgasm 💓- Multiple times. It’s a form of self-love.
  39. Write down your biggest fears on a large piece of paper and burn that paper (in a safe place, of course!)
  40. Call a girlfriend 📲 – Get comfy, pick up the phone and call a girlfriend you haven’t seen for a while. Take the time to catch up and talk about all the things that have been on your mind. An average woman needs to say about 22,000 words. Who else if not another woman will understand and listen?!

  41. Learn a foreign language 🇷🇺 – Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. I’ve been studying French for over 200 days now, and it became a fun habit I can’t imagine living without.
  42. Put a puzzle together 🧩 – The more pieces, the better. Take a photo of a completed puzzle and share it with your friends on social media. 
  43. Start a blog 👩‍💻 – What are you passionate about? Create a blog and start writing about it. It may turn into something bigger, like your own business! 
  44. Take a nap 😴 – When was the last time you took a nap in the middle of the day? Treat yourself to this little luxury, and notice how you feel afterwards. 
  45. Do an Oracle card reading🔮- If you have oracle cards, light the candles, clear the space with sage or palo santo wood and ask a question you want to be answered. My go-to question is “What do I need to know now?” 
  46. Write a book 📖– Have you been thinking of writing a book? Get started! If there’s such a thing as the perfect time, it’s definitely now!
  47. Make yourself some tea 🍵 – Serve it in your favorite mug, inhale the aroma and sip it slowly. My favorite is matcha. It gives me lots of energy and tastes delicious.  
  48. Be with yourself 🧘🏻‍♂ – Each of us needs time alone. The time you dedicate to yourself, to relax, recharge and simply BE. Allow yourself the luxury to stay in bed all day with your favorite books, chocolates, music and more. Unplug, and then enjoy YOU.
  49. Have a virtual date with yourself 👩‍🦰– Turn on sensual music, light the candles, start dancing, slowly touching yourself and telling yourself what you love and appreciate about you the most.
  50. Take a virtual tour of a museum 🖼- So many museums offer virtual tours. Check out British Museum in London, Guggenheim Museum in New York, National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., Musée d’Orsay in Paris and more.

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